We've Met

Narrated by P (the bride)

It definitely wasn’t love at first site! So here is how the story really goes...

We met as friends in August 2007 at the University of North Florida during International student orientation. I was sitting alone and Sitou came to introduce himself and all I thought was “Why is this guy bothering me?” I was really missing home and felt really sad and didn’t want to be bothered with. Still, Sitou continued to introduce himself. I said “Well, I made my first friend at UNF”. Sitou was a barista at Starbucks and I worked in the Dean’s Office in the Coggin College of Business. Yes, we were just friends! As time moved one, I enjoyed free Starbucks coffee on late study nights (I took total advantage). Sitou was a total flirt, all the girls at UNF loved him in Starbucks but I’m the only one that got free coffee (Or so I think). Anyways, Sitou also tutored me in Statistics and used peanut M & M’s to teach me (yes...that’s really cute...Awwwww).

So, two years went by and we were still friends and I was totally clueless to the fact that he liked me. I turned him down on every date, it was pitiful. Through all that he still gave me free coffee. Sitou went to Spain at one point and I thought “Oh, he will forget about me” Nope, guess who got a call from Spain? Yup, he didn’t forget about me. Sitou has always been such a great guy and me, well I was just being a tough cookie playing hard to get. I always looked forward to seeing him on the fourth floor of the library and as he always told me “I was in denial” because honestly, when I didn’t see him my day wasn’t the same. Time progressed and Sitou started campaigning to become Student Body president at UNF. After all that trying with me, the guy got tired and all of a sudden I barely heard from Sitou. It was weird not hearing from him and of course I started to miss him. And yes, we were still friends but obviously I was finally coming around. The next part is like a scene from a movie...Hihihi!