The First Kiss

Narrated by P (the bride)

Days, and weeks went by and I barely heard from Sitou and I was really missing him but of course I have too much pride so I didn’t pick up the phone to call. I was sitting in class waiting for class to start, UNF was having NEST FEST, and there was lots of noise and action happening outside. I got a text from Sitou asking where I was, I told him in class and explained where. He came gave me a teddy bear with my middle name “Paola” written on the T-shirt and he left. He barely said anything and me all I was left with was a silly grin on my face cheesing the entire class. After class, I headed to the nursing lounge to let the time pass until it was time to go swimming class in aquatic center. I texted Sitou and asked where he was, and yup he was texting while in class but it was me so of course he was going to answer. He Texted why? And I didn’t reply. Ladies and Gentlemen, what happened next was epic!!!! Like a scene from a movie, I ran from one end of campus to the other end out of breath and grasping for air and texted him and told him to come outside. When he did, I landed a big wet one on him, and left. Yep, I just left. And that, ladies and gents is how it all started and the rest is history!!! The teddy bear was magic, now thinking about it he probably sprinkled some fairy dust on it!