Narrated by Nabad (sister of the groom)

Gilles did it. He proposed and she said yes! But it wasn't as smooth as the pictures might suggest. Here's the story.

It all started months ago when Sitou advised Lauriane, Mah and I (Nabad) that he was ready to get married. We were OVERJOYED for him so we proceeded with finding proposal ideas and of course the ring. Unfortunately, there was a death in Diana's family so things were put on hold temporarily.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. According to American western culture, the man talks to the girl's family unbeknownst to the girl herself. He obtains everyone's approval and then stages a good time to ask for her hand. So in a perfect world, it's a surprise to the girl. We had one incident when Diana was almost made aware of what was about to happen but that situation was quickly salvaged. You know us! We all about surprises :)

Almost at the proposal day and everything that's not suppose to go wrong goes wrong lol. Poor Gilles was so nervous (he claims he wasn't so we'll go with that), that he got involved in an accident the day before. NOW, for those of you who have the tendency to panic, HE DIDN'T GET HURT. THERE WAS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Diana had a half-marathon race the day of with her aunt and her cousin. They were in on it as well. We, the non-runnerS, were suppose to be at the finish line no later than 9am. Mah was the very first to arrive, 15 minutes early (yay Mah). After getting lost a million times, I finally arrived at 8:58am. Where was Gilles and Lauriane? Nowhere to be found hahaha. Gilles and Lauriane couldn't find parking next to the event and Lauriane had the ring! Panic started settling in as we realized the finish line was approaching fast. As Gilles was walking toward Mah and I, Diana saw him and she told her cousin and aunt that she saw him. They told her she was having hallucinations and that Gilles wasn't there lol. Poor girl thought she was losing her mind.(She had been sick for 10 days prior to the race)

Gilles joined us and shortly thereafter, Lauriane arrived. So we opened the box the ring was in and.....It was the wrong ring! WHAT?! The wrong ring? The jeweler had given us the wrong ring lol. Oh boy! What were we to do, we decided to proceed anyway because, what the heck, we were all there already anyway. By then, as you can imagine, we had already missed Diana crossing the finish line. We found her and when she saw us, you could tell she wasn't sure what was going on. The poor thing was completely confused and as Gilles started to tell her all his blah blah blah about love and all that good stuff (yes I said blah blah) there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. People started to gather to see what was going on. Then he got on one knee and the rest is history.

Family, this was what I call a good day!